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How to Change hair color in Photoshop – within 1 minute

Image of the same girl with two different colored hair

In today’s lesson we will discuss how to change hair color in Photoshop. There are many ways to change the color of hair. Some of these methods are very complex and require a lot of time. So in this lesson I am going to teach you two methods. Using your creative thinking, these methods can produce amazing results. Let’s start the lesson.

Method 01

Step 01

Open the chosen Image In adobe Photoshop, that you want to change the hair color. If you don’t know how to open an image in Photoshop, just click here.

Step 02

press f7 to open the layer panel and click the lock icon to unlock the image layer.

Step 03

In this step, we are going to choose the color that you want to apply to hair. First, click the adjustment layer icon and select Hue/ Saturation. Hue/ Saturation is a very useful tool in Photoshop to choose a color to change the hair color of the image. To select a color, you can adjust the Hue and Saturation values. Also, you can check the colorize box and adjust the Hue and Saturation values. Try it and feel the difference. Now you have your color. Let’s jump to the fun part.

Step 04

Now select the layer mask thumbnail and Invert it (press Ctrl + I to Invert the layer mask thumbnail). After Invert, you can see that layer mask thumbnail color changed white to black, and also the Image turns back to normal.

Step 05

Now select the brush tool from the toolbox and make sure that the foreground color is white (Picture A). If you can’t find black or white color in this place, just press “D”. Then It will become the default color (Black & White). If you have black as foreground color, then press “X”. It will switch the foreground and background color.

While selecting the brush tool, right-click on the canvas, and select a soft round brush (Picture B). You can change the value of brush size & Hardness as you want. Now all set. In the next step, we gonna change the hair color with Photoshop.

Step 06

Now paint with the brush tool all over the hair. When you paint, you can see that the hair color changing. If you want to erase the painted areas, press the “X” button, and paint it again on the hair. That trick will erase the painted areas. Then press the “X” button again and you can change the hair color again.

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